Bank­ruptcy courses are also avail­able over the telephone.

Sec­ond Course by Phone | $25 per Household

Post-Filing Debtor Edu­ca­tion
(Take This Class After You File for Bankruptcy)

Reg­is­ter for the auto­mated phone ses­sion by call­ing 1–800–252-5277 option 2.

  • Tele­phone debtor edu­ca­tion courses last approx­i­mately 2 hours
  • Course is auto­mated; it can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week after you have reg­is­tered. Coun­selors are avail­able to reg­is­ter you for the phone course, answer ques­tions, and issue cer­tifi­cates Mon­day — Fri­day, 9am-9pm Eastern.
  • Bank­ruptcy case num­ber and fil­ing dis­trict are needed to register.

Post-Filing Debtor Edu­ca­tion by tele­phone is pro­vided by Finan­cial Edu­ca­tion Ser­vices, Inc.

Haven’t Filed for Bank­ruptcy Yet?

First Course by Phone | $25 per Household

Pre-Filing Bank­ruptcy Credit Coun­sel­ing
(Take This Class Before You File for Bankruptcy)

Sched­ule a phone ses­sion with a live coun­selor by call­ing 1–800–252-5277 option 1

  • Tele­phone coun­sel­ing ses­sions are sched­uled when you call for an appointment
  • Ses­sions last approx­i­mately 60 to 90 minutes
  • Ses­sions are com­pleted with one-on-one help from a live finan­cial counselor

Pre-Filing Bank­ruptcy Coun­sel­ing by tele­phone is pro­vided by Access Coun­sel­ing Inc.